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Age Nasu $6.50  
    Fried eggplant with Miso Sauce
Age Tofu $6.00  
    Deep-fried tofu served with sauce
Beef Negimaki $16.00  
    Grilled rolls of thinly sliced N.Y. Steak and scallions, sauced and delicious!
Beef Tataki $16.00  
    Seared outside, rare inside; Served cold with Ponzu Sauce and spices
Cheese Maki $6.50  
    Deep-fried cheddar cheese wrapped in wonton skin
Chicken Livers $9.00  
    Sauteed with onions & sesame seeds - sweet and delicious!
Chicken Sashimi Maki $9.00  
    Deep fried rolls of chicken, with onions, carrots, and snow peas
Crab Rangoon $10.00  
    Seasoned-minced crab and cheese delicately wrapped in a deep-fried wonton shell; Served with Plum Sauce
Cracker Tuna $14.00  
    Crispy sushi rice top with spicy tuna, jalapeno and spicy mayo
Dynamite Appetizer $12.00  
    Mixed seafood, mushroom, onions baked in a rich Mayo sauce in half shell
Ebi-Fry Appetizer $9.00  
    3 pieces of crispy jumbo shrimp
Edamame $5.00  
    Steamed & salted soy beans
Fish Katsu (2 pcs) $7.00  
    Breaded, crispy, fried Japanese style
Fried baby scallop $10.00  
Grilled Squid $10.00  
    With Ponzu sauce
Gyoza (Fried or Steamed) $7.00  
    Pastries stuffed with seasoned meat; Served with a spicy dipped sauce
Hiya Yakko $6.50  
    Cold tofu served with scallions and ginger with cold dipping sauce
Hiyashi Wakame $7.00  
    Wakame seaweed pickled in Sake
Idako $9.50  
    Cooked and marinated baby octopus
Ika Fry $9.00  
    Crisp strips of fried squid
Ika Teri $10.00  
    Slices of squid sauteed with mushrooms, snowpeas, carrot, and Teriyaki sacue
Kampai Chicken Wings $8.00  
    Chicken wings served with Plum Sauce
Kampai Home-made Pork Shumai $8.00  
    Must Try! - Pork filled dumplings (Streamed or Fried)
Kampai Shrimp Shumai (Steamed or Fried) $8.00  
    Shrimps filled dumplings; Steamed or Fried
Mee Grob $11.00  
    Crispy rice noodle tossed in sweet and sour sauce, bean sprout, and shrimps
Miso Ae $10.00  
    Conch, octopus, and cucumber in Miso sauce
Nam Sod $13.00  
    Chopped chicken, Red onion, Ginger, Scallions, Cilantro, and Roasted Peanut dressed with chili-lime sauce
Negi Miso $7.50  
    Octopus and cucumber in Miso sauce
Oshitashi $6.50  
    Cold cookded spinach topped with Miso Sauce
Rock Shrimps $11.00  
    Fried big shrimps served on a bed of chopped lettuce with spicy mayo on top
Salmon Shioyaki $12.00  
    Salted and grilled salmon; Served with Ponzu sauce
Salmon Teriyaki $12.00  
    Fried salmon topped with teriyaki sauce
Sashimi Appetizer - Salmon, Tuna, and White Fish $15.00  
    A selection of fresh salmon, tuna & white fish to wet the appetite
Sashimi Appetizer - Yellowtail $17.00  
    Yellowtail only
Sashimi Appetizer - Yellowtail $17.00  
    Sliced raw fish with soy sauce and wasabi; Work of Art!
Satay $11.00  
    Choice of chicken, pork, or beef; Skewed & grilled; Served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad
Satay - Shrimp $11.50  
    Skewed & grilled shrimps; Served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad
Sautee Spinach & Shitake $10.50  
    Sauteed spinach and shitake with garlic butter
Sauteed Scallop $13.00  
    Lightly battered scallop with mushrooms, snowpeas, carrot, and Teriyaki sauce
Sauteed Shrimp $10.00  
    Lightly breaded shrimp with mushrooms, snowpeas, carrots, and Teriyaki sauce
Scallop Katsu $7.00  
    Breaded, crispy, fried Japanese style
Shrimp in a Blanket $9.00  
    Shrimps with grounded chicken stuffings; Wrapped in a deep-fried spring skin roll and served with tangy Plum Sauce
Soft Shell Crab $16.00  
    Crispy fired; Served with Ponzu sauce (2 pieces)
Spicy Conch or Octopus* $11.00  
    With Kimchee sauce
Squid Katsu $6.50  
    Breaded, crispy, fried Japanese style
Steamed Vegetables $10.50  
    Broccoli, mushroom, carrot, shitake, napa, and snowpeas
Sunomono $11.00  
    Seafood and cucumber in tangy rice vinegar
Thai Appetizer Sample (For Two) $16.00  
    Spring Roll, Chicken Satay, Shrimp in a Blanket, Crab Rangoon, Shumai, and Chicken Wings
Thai Spring Roll $7.00  
    Cabbage, carrot, clear noodle, and ground chicken wrapped in a spring roll skin; Served with Plum Sauce
Tiger Tear* $13.00  
    Slices of grilled N.Y. Steak, dressed with lime juice, roasted dried chilli, ground roasted rice, onion, scallions, cilantro, served on a bed of crisp lettuce
Tsukemono $6.00  
    A selection of Japanese pickles
Tuna Mushi $14.00  
    Tuna Mixed Minces w/Crab,Crispy flake,Spicy sauce,Topped w/Guacamole and Special sauce
Tuna Tataki $16.00  
    Searedd tuna served with Ponzu sauce
Tuna Tower $15.00  
    Layers of Chopped Lettuce, Tuna Ukke, Tempura Flake, Tuna Ukke and Guacamole
Tuna Ukke $14.00  
    Fresh, raw tuna with spicy cucumber sauce
Usuzukuri $15.00  
    The thinnest slices of fish imaginable!
Yasai Itame $9.00  
    Sauteed mixed vegetables
Yellowtail Jalapeno $17.00  
    Thin slice of fresh pacific yellow tail topped with jalapeno pepper, and cilantro . Served with yuzu sauce, Yumm
Yum Goong (Shrimp Salad)* $15.00  
    Cooked shrimp in spicy chilli paste, lime juice, lemongrass, and cilantro over a bed of salad
Yum Neau (Beef Salad)* $10.00  
    Tender slices of grilled N.Y. Steak tossed with Yum Sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, and cilantro
Yum Talay (Seafood Salad)* $16.00  
    Mixed seafood in spicy chilli paste, lemon juice, lemongrass, cilantro, and onion

" * " indicates that the item can be made spicy